Parent Square - School and Parent Communitcation

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We are excited to let you know that this year we’ll be using ParentSquare to communicate with you at the school, and in your classrooms and groups.
ParentSquare provides a simple and safe way for everyone at school to connect.
With ParentSquare you’ll be able to:
• Receive all district, school and classroom communication via email, text, or app
• View the school and classroom calendar and RSVP for events
• Easily sign up to volunteer and/or bring items
• Securely receive report cards, IEPs and other important student documents

Activate your Account
You will soon receive an invitation email or text to join ParentSquare. Please click the link to activate your account. It takes less than a minute.

You can use ParentSquare on any device. You can download the free mobile app for
iOS or Android or use the desktop version at
Our goal is for every family to join ParentSquare and engage with our school community.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Please contact Ms. Kraemer,, if you do not get an invitation

Thank you so much!
Mr. Flores - Principal

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION for 2022-2023 will begin March 7, 2023

Will begin March 7, 2022

If your child will become 5 years old on or before February 2, 2023, and you live in the Hanford Elementary School District attendance area, please contact your school office the week of March 7, 2022, and make an appointment to register him/her for the 2022-23 school year.

Children turning 5 years old on or before September 1, 2022, will register for regular kindergarten and children turning 5 years old between September 2, 2022, and February 2, 2023, will register for the Transitional Kindergarten class.

Please bring the following required documentation with you to register your child for both transitional kindergarten and regular kindergarten.
             Verification of birthday (birth or baptismal certificate, passport, etc)
             Proof of immunization. The following immunizations are required:
                 - 5 DTP/DTaP– 4 meet the requirement for ages 4-6 years if one was given                        on or after the 4th birthday
                 - 4 polio – 3 doses meet the requirement for ages 4-6 years if one was given                      after the 4th birthday.
                 - 2 MMR – both on or after 1st birthday
                 - 3 Hepatitis B shots
                 - 2 Chicken Pox shots (Varicella)
             Proof of school entry physical – not required for transitional kindergarten students

Immunizations are available through your doctor, clinics, and some local pharmacies. Vaccines are available through the Kings County Department of Public Health and are free to Medi-Cal eligible children and low cost vaccines are available to some eligible children. Some private insurances are accepted as well. Please call 584-1401 to check on eligibility for low cost vaccines and accepted coverage. It is recommended that if you have private physician to remain under his or her care.

In partnership with Hanford Elementary School District, the Family HealthCare Network will have their mobile unit available from 1:00-5:00 at the following elementary schools Kennedy/Richmond 3/2, King 3/16, Washington 4/6, Roosevelt 4/20, Hamilton 5/4, and Lincoln 5/18. The mobile unit can provide vaccinations, physicals and other health services. Walk-ins welcome or call the mobile unit at (559) 909-4908 to make an appointment and/or make transportation arrangements.

Please Note: State law also requires that your child have an oral health assessment (dental check-up) by May 31, 2023. Any assessment completed after 8/01/21 will be accepted.



1. Please sanitize hands before selecting a book.

2.  The Hanford Sunset Rotary Little Free Library is a free book-sharing box where anyone may take a book or share a book. This Library functions on the honor system. You do not need to share a book in order to take one. If you take a book or two from our little library, try to bring one or some to share to with the library, when you can.


3.  Please READ!!!


Learn from Home Resources are posted on our HESD website. You will notice that resources are organized by grade level spans: TK-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th. Please check out the resources to support continued learning for your child!
Thank you for your support!


Roosevelt Elementary will begin our ELPAC testing March 9th!

The link will take you to the Summative English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) resource page where you can find practice and training tests that allow students, parents/guardians and  families an opportunity to become familiar with the computer-based test delivery platform as well as the types of test questions that may appear on the actual test at each grade or grade span.

The practice test includes examples of all the types of test questions that may appear in the actual test at each grade or grade span and mirrors a full-length operational test. The training test is shorter compared to the practice test and includes some sample test questions for each domain.

Please feel free to contact our Learning Director, Mrs. de la Torre, with any questions, 559-585-3775.

Kings County 2020 Census

Starting in March 2020, households across our region and across the country will have the opportunity to participate in the 2020 Census. Your participation matters.


Click Here to download Flyer

Principal's Message

Roosevelt Family,

Parents and family members, as we embark onto a new school year, I would like you all to know that the worries and concerns you are experiencing, we too are feeling as we prepare to open for the new school year. With these unprecedented times, we must all do our part to stay safe and model best practices for our children. As things continue to change from day to day, I want to assure all our families that our team here at Roosevelt and HESD will do our best to deliver high quality distance learning to your children. As educators, our primary goal is to provide the best learning opportunities for all our students here at Roosevelt. It will take a team effort from all of us to be productive. I know our community and I strongly believe in our grit and fortitude. It will be tough at times and there will be challenges for all of us, but we must all come together, like I know we can, to get through it. I ask of you all to come together for the betterment of our young Rough Riders to show them that there is no quit in us and even during a pandemic, we will persevere.

Mr. Flores


Familia Roosevelt,

Padres y miembros de la familia, mientras nos embarcamos en un nuevo año escolar, me gustaría que supieran que las preocupaciones que están experimentando, nosotros también las estamos sintiendo mientras nos preparamos para abrir el nuevo año escolar. Con estos tiempos sin precedentes, todos debemos hacer nuestra parte para mantenernos seguros y modelar las mejores prácticas para nuestros hijos. A medida que las cosas continúan cambiando día a día, quiero asegurarles a todas nuestras familias que nuestro equipo aquí en Roosevelt y HESD harán todo lo posible para brindarle a sus hijos un aprendizaje a distancia de alta calidad. Como educadores, nuestro objetivo principal es proporcionar las mejores oportunidades de aprendizaje para todos nuestros estudiantes aquí en Roosevelt. Será necesario un esfuerzo de equipo de todos nosotros para ser productivos. Conozco a nuestra comunidad y creo firmemente en nuestro valor y fortaleza. A veces será difícil y habrá desafíos para todos nosotros, pero todos debemos unirnos, como sé que podemos, para superarlo. Les pido a todos que se unan para el mejoramiento de nuestros jóvenes Rough Riders para mostrarles que no podemos darnos por vencido e incluso durante una pandemia, perseveraremos.

Sr. Flores

Chaperones / Volunteers

In order for parents to be a chaperone for school sponsored events or volunteer in the classroom, you must go through the process to be a volunteer. Each year a new application must be submitted and approved by the HESD Board of Trustees, even if you have been approved in the past. If you have not been previously approved, the application process can take from 3 weeks to 2 months. Please remember, parents will not be able to attend study trips if they are not approved for the 2021-2022 school year. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Ms. Kraemer at 585-3775.

Foggy Day Information

(This information can also be found in the Parent Handbook & Calendar.)

If a foggy day schedule is called, information can be found on TV Channel 18 (PBS), radio at KMJ 580 or the Hanford Elementary foggy day information line 559-585-3652.

Plan A:           Buses two hours delayed.  Classes start on time.

Plan B:           Morning buses cancelled.  Classes start on time.

Plan C:           Afternoon buses cancelled

Health and Wellness Policy

In order to support our health and wellness policy, we will no longer celebrate individual children(s) birthdays or accept any sweet treats for birthday snacks.  Parent are still encouraged to celebrate student birthdays by offering an alternative to sweet treats such as a goody bag with pencils, erasers, crayons, etc.  Another fun idea is to donate a hardback book to the library in honor of your student.

Important Safety Information

Student Drop off and Pick up 

  • Yard supervisors are on campus at 7:15 am Students are not to be on campus before then.
  • Drop-off/Pick-up Zone: Located in the driveway directly in front of the school.  This is not a parking area!  Please do not double park in this area.  This area is a ONE WAY.  Do not drop off students in the parking lot.
  • All students and adults should always use the crosswalk in the pick up area.
  • If you  need to get out of your car for any reason, please park your car in the parking lot
  • Maximum allowable speed in pickup/drop area is 5 mph.
  • While in the loading/drop off area, move up to the next available spot.  For the safety of our students and to make sure the loading area moves along as smooth as possible, please do not double park

Notification of Asbestos Management Plans

The Hanford Elementary School District under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AH ERA) is required to develop and implement a management plan for dealing with the presence of asbestos-containing materials in our schools. This plan is available for your inspection in the school office.  A copy of all school plans is also available in the District Office located at 714 N. White Street.