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As promised the fear factor video is here for you to see and share with parents.

WE hope you laugh as hard as we did making this video as well as watching it live. This had to be by far one of the funniest challenges we have done in READY so far! We hope you all enjoyed our Fear Factor Friday and look forward to doing this for you rockstars again. Ms. Joana's Class make sure to cheer on your tutor this week for killin' it at this challenge, she deserves it after touching the things she did. 



We are so excited to be back with our students even if that means we are seeing them virtually, it's still so amazing having to see those cute smiley faces. As we are still learning how to make this as fun and enjoyable as we can while still learning, we have received a positive feedback. Here at Roosevelt we have worked so hard and continue to work hard making this virtual life as normal as possible, by that I mean, we are adding much of what we do here in person to our sessions online. I will share in blog posts what each tutor has done and does. It excites every one of us to have the students participate and show their excitement through their computers every day, it reassures us that we are doing exactly what we need to do, to better meet their needs. Below I have attached our “Meet the Staff” and I hope you enjoy reading my excitement through my posts.